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    Watermelon Mojito Salad | stupideasypaleo.comIt’s rare that I drink these days…it’s pretty counterproductive to my training and makes me sleep like crap. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think about it sometimes – and occasionally it’s a bit longingly. The other day, I thought of one of my BFF Greg and our Thelma and Louise inspired road trip last summer (well, there wasn’t any Brad Pitt and clearly we didn’t die) but we sipped on lots of wine and sunbathed our way across Palm Springs, LA and Santa Barbara. It was pretty awesome. In any case, whenever I think of Greg, I also think of booze for some reason. Hi Greg! Love you! To make a long story short, I decided to make a mojito-esque—but clearly non-alcoholic—dish that would capture the flavors of this iconic Cuban drink. Plus watermelon. I love watermelon.

    Prep time: 15 min     Cook time: 0 min    Makes: 5 cups

    Ingredients for the Watermelon Mojito Salad

    • 3 cups seedless watermelon, cubed
    • 1-1/2 cups seedless cucumber, cubed
    • 2 Tablespoons fresh mint leaves, sliced thin (“chiffonade” if we’re being fancy about it)
    • 1/4 cup fresh lime juice (about 2 limes)
    • Zest from two limes
    • 1 Tablespoon olive oil
    • Pinch of sea salt
    • Pinch of black pepper

    Directions for Watermelon Mojito Salad

    1. Cut the rind off the watermelon and cut into medium-sized cubes (about 1/2-inch).
    2. Peel the cucumber, if you prefer, and cut into similar sized cubes.
    3. Slice the mint leaves thinly. To chiffonade, stack the leaves on top of each other. Roll them up lengthwise into a bundle, then thinly slice.
    4. Combine these ingredients in a large bowl.
    5. In a smaller bowl or a small jar, combine the lime juice, lime zest, olive oil, salt and pepper. Stir (or shake) well to combine. Pour over the watermelon and cucumber and stir well.

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    39 thoughts on “Watermelon Mojito Salad

    1. No matter how many times I try it, I just don’t like cucumbers. Would have a good suggestion for a substitute? I was thinking jicama might be a good option.

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    3. I should’ve taken a picture of my face when I tasted this. I have a feeling is was awesome. But not as awesome as this taste sensation.

    4. looking at this recipe, it reminds me of something we make alot in my country…except we add garlic…chop up a raw pepper (the hot kind..habanero or whatever you guys have over there – i’m not really sure) and we use alot of a seasoning in it that we call chadon beni…i think the closest you guys get to it is coriander but there’s a list of names that it’s called in other countries on this website: (http://www.simplytrinicooking.com/2009/05/chadon-beni-trini-herb-extraordinaire.html#axzz2UyiuOFuB)

      if you would like to try it. we do it to almost any fruit – preferrably a half ripe one because it’s supposed to be tart, not sweet, but it’s particularly yummy with mangoes (caribbean ones – asian ones taste completely different) , pineapple, apples, cucumber and tomato, and if you have access to a west indian/caribbean market, look for fruits called pomeracs, carambola/five fingers, caribbean cherries, caribbean plumbs, pommecythere. it’s super yum, i promise!

        1. I added a little Tapatio and sprinkled Cayenne, got the heat but it wasn’t as good as expected. Gave it a stir, will check again in the morning after the flavors have mingled ;)

    5. This is so awesome, I cannot find the words! The bitterness of the cucumber & tartness of the lime is combined with the sweetness of watermelon! Addiction!

      1. High five, Kelly! I love this one…when I post recipes, it’s because they’re ones I make for myself. Let’s just say this one gets a lot of use in my house. I’m stoked you like it!

    6. Can’t wait to make this for the 4th. I think I will hollow out the watermelon and use it as the serving dish! Also thought this might be a great recipe to run through the blender and make freeze pops! – I will be trying both ways and will report back!

      1. Rhonda…you are a genius. Freeze pops of watermelon mojito salad = YES! I love it. So glad you shared that.

    7. This was my first attempt at making a paleo meal. It was a little touch and go at first, but it turned out great. You sure can’t say it’s boring or lacks flavor! I also picked up a fresh coconut to drink with it and couldn’t be happier. Thanks for the recipe!

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    9. I’m addicted to this recipe!!! I love it and I love that the watermelon doesn’t have to be awesome for the while thing to still taste great. Thank you for the recipe!!! :)

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