• Creamy Leek Soup Recipe

    Creamy Leek Soup is one of my all-time favorite soups!

    Creamy Leek Soup | stupideasypaleo.com

    The autumn months are here. Longer nights. Colder days. It’s getting to be soup weather. (Though, I love soup all year long.)

    This creamy, really simple dish is modeled after vichyssoise, a silky soup made with potatoes and cream or milk. My friend Claudette made me her Paleo version this summer, and I was shocked to find out that instead of potato it contained…


    When I served this to my unsuspecting taste testers and asked them what was in it, they could not guess cauliflower. Haha…fooled ’em! A traditional vichyssoise is served cold, and while you could do that, I liked it better warm.

    And for an extra added special factor, I sprinkled mine with some Bacon Gremolata or just crispy bacon, crumbled up. You’re welcome πŸ™‚

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    Creamy Leek Soup (Dairy-Free)
    Prep time: 
    Cook time: 
    Total time: 
    Serves: Serves 4 to 6
    • 3 cups of leeks, dark green ends removed, roughly chopped (~2 large leeks)
    • 1 medium-sized cauliflower, chopped (4-5 cups)
    • 1 cup onion (~1 medium)
    • 4 cups chicken broth
    • 1 cup coconut milk
    • 1-2 Tablespoons ghee (clarified butter), optional
    • Salt and pepper to taste
    1. Wash the leeks well. I usually cut off the root end then slice it down the middle lengthwise. Hold under running water and separate the leaves, rinsing well (especially the outermost leaves). Sandy soup is not delicious. I usually cut off the top ⅓ of the leek and save that for making stock. Chop the leeks roughly. Add to a large soup pot.
    2. Cut the core out of the cauliflower and trim off any leaves. Roughly chop it. Add that to the pot.
    3. Add the onions, chicken broth, coconut milk and ghee to the pot.
    4. Bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer for about 20 minutes or until all the veggies are tender.
    5. Allow to cool, then puree until smooth using a blender. Be careful: You may need to do two or more batches so the blender doesn't overflow.
    6. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
    You can make this in the slow cooker. Add all the ingredients and cook on low for 3-5 hours. The flavor is the same but the consistency won't be as thick. To troubleshoot that, you can remove the slow cooker lid for the last hour of cooking so some of the liquids evaporate.

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    Creamy Leek Soup | stupideasypaleo.com

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    Steph Gaudreau is a certified holistic nutrition practitioner, weightlifting and mindset coach, and the author of the best-selling Performance Paleo Cookbook. Her recipes and expert advice have been featured in SELF, Outside Magazine, Elle, and Greatist. Steph loves barbells, cats, and anything Lord of the Rings. She lives in San Diego, CA.

    77 thoughts on “Creamy Leek Soup Recipe

    1. Sounds GREAT!! Add a little garlic into the mix for a little bit more flavor. A couple cloves depending on your taste. Toss em in with the rest of of the veggie.

    2. WOW-OW!! This is amazing stuff. The taste payoff for the amount of work is ridiculously big. I blended mine with my stick blender — which I had out for whipping up some coconut milk lattes! — and it worked perfectly. Thanks for another winner, Steph.

    3. SUCCESS!!!… We enjoyed this tonight…with the Bacon Gremolata….absolutely superb!!!…Creamy and warming…a LUSH offering!! Thank you for sharing this… one of our new staple soups!

    4. I just got leeks in my CSA box and had no idea what to do with them and then I got your email. I made this tonight and it was soooooo good! I would not have guessed that cauliflower and coconut milk would be like potato and cream based soup. Thanks so much for the recipe!

    5. We made this last night and it was DELICIOUS! Added a little broccoli as well as diced bacon. Used an immersion blender right in the pot instead of a blender. Will definitely be making it again – Thank you!

    6. I had to sub frozen cauliflower because, for some reason, fresh was super expensive at the store; and I subbed the ghee for a combination of olive oil and butter.

      I just finished my last bite of the soup. Thank god I have some in the freezer when I need more. This was a lovely, simple and pain-free recipe, and I can’t wait to make it again!

    7. Just made this last week and the boyfriend was convinced it was potato soup. It was darn good. Another reason to love cauliflower.

    8. How much cauliflower is it compared to the leek? About half and half or more of one than the other?

      I have some trouble estimating how much a cup of chopped veg is – roughly, finely, cubed, diced, minced – I have to buy them by weight, not by what they will look like after I’ve processed them. And what’s a medium cauliflower/carrot/pumpkin/zucchini to one, is large to another. I once went horribly wrong with a recipe that called for 2 parsnips and 2 apples, both vary a lot in size, the result was acidid soup: too much apple. So better safe than sorry… (I now go by twice as much parsnip as apple, btw)

      What do you guys across the pond have against scales, anyway :p

      1. Hi Feather…it’s about a 2:1 ratio of cauliflower to leek if that makes sense. I understand the concern about measuring/weighing, too. Sometimes it’s hard to eyeball it.

        Haha! Very true…not sure why we don’t use them more!

        1. I just made this again this morning and measured everything (no weight, sorry). 4-5 cups cauliflower. 2 cups leeks. 1 cup onion.

    9. Thanks! That gives me a bit more to go on.
      This will probably be friday’s dinner, topped with some smoked salmon that I need to finish.
      I think some mustard would give it a nice kick but I’ll taste it without first.
      For a dish with more protein (for a one pot, one bowl dinner) I’d add (frozen) white fish like pollock or cod, their flavour is not so overpowering.

    10. I made this for dinner tonight, and it was amazing!

      I had some leftover cream cheese that I added in, and I put in some shredded chicken after I blended everything together. My husband also stocked his with quinoa (not strict Paleo, but he doesn’t care ;). It’s great by itself, and it’s a great start for other ideas!

      Delicious! Thanks for the great recipe. Husband hates cauliflower and he thought this was potato!

    11. I made this yesterday for Christmas dinner and it was a huge hit. My sister is a vegetarian so I used organic, low-sodium vegetable broth and it still turned out amazing! (For the rest of us, I topped it with the bacon.) Such a great recipe, thanks for sharing this one Steph!!

    12. This soup is amazing! I’m sharing the recipe with all of my friends. Happened upon it by accident which is a fun coincidence because my wife was at one of your seminars in Philly last weekend. Small world πŸ™‚

    13. Made this yesterday! It was a little bland but delicious. The crumbled bacon on top is delish helped out the flavor a lot! I am thinking next time I make it I will cook the bacon in the pan first then use that grease in the soup for a punch of flavor. Highly recommended because it is very filling and well liked by the entire family! I am very happy that I came across this page and look forward to trying out new recipes.

      1. I think a lot of the flavor depends on the broth you use. If it’s a bit on the unseasoned side, the rest of the soup will be, too. Thanks for checking in!

    14. So, This was awesome as a fridge clean out! I used half broccoli and half cauliflower, a small handful of spinach that was too small and wilty to be salad material and 1/2 a box of chicken broth and half a box of beef broth that were lurking in my fridge. I used your method and then wazzed it up with the immersion blender. Topped with bacon and then served with roast chicken. Dinner was done and dusted! Delicious without too many dishes. <—- could be a good tag line for recipes πŸ™‚

    15. This is amazing. soup. I made it in this evening because I have my in-laws coming over for brunch and I figure it will hold over night. My husband wanted to taste it (he normally does not like my soup) to tell me if it needed changes., 6 bites later I reminded him he was heading to bed. This will become a frequent in my house, Paleo + husband likes + easy = great go to dinner.

      Thank you

    16. Wow – so delicious! I added 3-4 cloves of garlic, otherwised followed the recipe as written. Also topped it with proscuitto chips (basically proscuitto dried out in the over till crispy). Such a tasty, smooth and creamy soup. Love that it uses cauliflower instead of potatoes!

      Great recipe – thanks so much!!!

    17. Good as a soup but even better as a mock-cheese sauce! I added a cup full to some cooked rice noodles and chickenβ€”almost like an alfredo sauce but without dairy!! Very satisfying and doesn’t leave you in a state of food-coma.

    18. I was looking forward to making this tonight but there is an advertisement completely covering the instructions that I can’t close πŸ™ I’m on an iPad if that helps.

    19. Hi Steph!
      THIS IS THE BOMB! I just want to thank you soooooooooo much for this recipe! I went gluten free about 3 yrs ago and now trying to do low carb as well. It has been so hard to find good tasting recipes and I have just been rotating the same things day in and day out just trying to survive. lol I just had to let you know how much I love it and it has become a staple ever since I found the recipe 2 months ago. I’m not a big comment writer but just had to show you my appreciation. πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work and keep the recipes coming!

      1. Hi Jamie! Wow that’s great! If you used your own directions, it’s fine to write it up as you see fit. If you want to use my directions, all I ask is to link back to the post here on the blog. Thanks so much πŸ™‚

        1. well i went ahead and did both! if there are any problems, just let me know where to fix and i will gladly do so! looking forward to trying more recipes from you!

    20. Just made this for lunch to make use of some leftover cauliflower and leeks – wow! Absolutely fantastic and so easy to make! I added garlic and red pepper flakes to add some heat to it. Thank you for sharing!

    21. Holy Banana pants Batman!!! Wow! Just made this soup, tweaked it a bit as had no ghee and used garlic, added titchy dash of chilli flakes and at the end added the juice of a lime which gave it a tiny tang n picked up the flavour and boomerangEd it back round my mouth!! Love this!!
      Do you know how many days it will keep covered in the fridge as it’s a big batch and only me eating it ..nom nom nom…..also do u know how many cars a bowl??

      Thanks x

    22. I really want to make this tonight but there is an ad covering the directions. It happens on a few of your delicious looking recipes. Anyway u can fix that or send me the directions? I really need to use my leeks up tonight or tomorrow.

      1. You must be on an iPad. Turn your orientation lock off and rotate your iPad to landscape. It’s the only time people can’t see the posts. Works fine on a laptop / desktop / phone. Ads on my site are set to responsive and designed to work optimally on the device you’re on. The only apparent hitch is that iPads must be turned to the horizontal direction.

    23. Yum! I just forwarded the recipe to my colleague. My third consecutive week making the soup, and I’m still in love with it! And because it’s winter time, it loves me back! Must try this with garlic suggestion, too. It does get easier each time I make it, and I know the recipe by heart now. Thanks! <3

    24. I found some beautiful leeks at my friendly local food co-op and then found this recipe online. So delicious!! I am a paleo newb and this recipe is the best thing I have made so far. Thanks for the wonderful recipe. I did not even bother with a topping.

      1. Certainly you can use one if you have it. I actually don’t own one so that’s why I didn’t write it into the method πŸ™‚

    25. So delicious! I added a couple dashes of mace and ate it just like that! It was delicious. I will probably try to add doubt garlic another time, and I think topped with cheese and bacon would be nice or even sour cream like a creamy potato soup! Thank you for such a healthy version of a hearty winter cream soup!

    26. Love it. I sautΓ©ed leeks in bacon grease. Steamed the cauliflower, then added all the ingredients together. Delicious ?

    27. I’ve always been a huge fan of Leek and Potato soup (now a no no on the Paleo diet). I am going to make this now and see just what a difference there is. Already have some leeks in the freezer just need the cauliflower now. Will make some but won’t let the other half know that it contains cauliflower (as he’s not a huge fan of this vegetable).

    28. Thanks for a great soup recipe Steph:) I subbed parsnips in place of cauliflower, so good — I will be trying this again, real soon with cauliflower!

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