• 10 Signs You Know You’re Really Paleo…

    10 Signs You Know You're Really Paleo | stupideasypaleo.com

    If you’ve been Paleo long enough, there are probably plenty of tell-tale signs that it’s become less of set of restrictions and more of a lifestyle. Here are 10 signs you know you’re really Paleo…

    #1 You freak out just a little when the store runs out of coconut aminos.

    #2 You’re finally not scared of eating fat. Tasty, yummy fat.

    #3 You’ve considered buying at least 1/4 of a cow or pig on one or more occasions.

    #4 You forget to order “no bun” because it’s just so automatic you assume everyone should know.

    #5 You’ve stopped having to ask your barista for heavy cream in your coffee. S/He just knows.

    #6 Your Amazon wish list is full of Paleo cookbooks.

    #7 You use your slow cooker more than your oven.

    #8 Making things like homemade fermented veggies, bone broth and ghee doesn’t strike fear into your heart anymore.

    #9 Your family’s finally stopped asking you about “that crazy diet your on” and now come to you for advice about starting Paleo.

    #10 Your friends tag you in everything bacon-related they see on social media.

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    10 Signs You Know You're Really Paleo | stupideasypaleo.com

    Keep the list going! Add another sign you’re really Paleo to the comments below!

    Steph Gaudreau is a certified holistic nutrition practitioner, weightlifting and mindset coach, and the author of the best-selling Performance Paleo Cookbook. Her recipes and expert advice have been featured in SELF, Outside Magazine, Elle, and Greatist. Steph loves barbells, cats, and anything Lord of the Rings. She lives in San Diego, CA.

    37 thoughts on “10 Signs You Know You’re Really Paleo…

    1. Keeping a bag of dates next to my treadmill and indoor bike trainer. And cooked sweet potatoes in the fridge at all times, just in case…

      Yep, this list is me – especially the part about Starbucks asking if I want heavy cream when I walk in the door!

    2. Oh my word – this is perfect. Especially about the family members! After THREE years Paleo, we have finally stopped being laughed at by friends/family and they are now asking us questions and being “really excited” to share their new knowledge of how great coconut oil is for your, or how bad wheat is for you…. We let them have their moment of glory, but sometimes it’s hard to not say, “This is all what I told YOU three years ago! And you LAUGHED!” 🙂

    3. You know your paleo when your pantry went from boxed, canned and bagged processed foods to stuff like arrowroot powder, coconut flour, golden flaxseed meal, etc… The stuff you once were like, “what the heck is that anyhow? And where do I even find it?”

    4. You no longer look at everyone’s shopping cart filled with grains because you are too busy filling yours with meat, vegetables, fruit. coconut milk, butter, and herbs and spices.

      1. Or rather you look at their cart abs feel smug that yours is so much healthier,even when theirs is filled with brown rice,whole grain bread and low fat yoghurt

    5. You’re used to getting stares when you eat out, from the waitress and the people you’re out with, when you start your order with “Well I’m not eating any wheat or dairy right now sooo…”

    6. You know that you’ve turned primal when your impulse buy at the supermarket is not a candy bar or chocolate mousse, but chicken liver (for the first time ever) or whatever kind of offal you haven’t tried yet.

    7. I have been “paleo” for over 2 years and just in the past 6 months has my family started asking me questions about paleo. AND they have started cooking with real butter, making bone broth and started dealing with fat phobia. Makes me heart happy!!

    8. #12 you wonder WTF a Kellogs All Bran advertisement is doing in the middle of this awesome paleo blog! #8 – yes – I’m going go try fermented fennel soon after having it pickled at a restaurant recently!

    9. – you read a pub menu with fascination rather than exasperation at all of the non-paleo foods on it
      – a treat really feels like a treat, rather than before when hormonal/sugar cravings made you gorge yourself on sweets and pastries
      – you’re on a first-name basis with your butcher
      – you’ve spent too much money on fancy glass food storage containers (I am SO bad for that!!)

    10. You squeal with joy when coconut milk is on sale.
      You look confused when asked why your sweet potatoes are lacking brown sugar and marshmallows.

    11. For me, it’s two things. The first, is that my morning “smoothie” is now full fat coconut milk, beets, bee pollen, raw duck egg, and raw liver. The second is that on my bike rides I used to have energy bars, goos, and powder mixes in my rear jersey pockets for fuel. Now I carry beef jerky, hard boiled eggs, nuts and a little dried fruit, and either a little baggie of coconut oil (cooler weather) or a little goo bottle filled with coconut oil (warmer weather). My friends think I’m crazy until they see how infrequently I need to refuel. Oh, and bone broth has replaced hot chocolate in the thermos while snowboarding.

    12. All of the above plus you realize you need another crockpot for weekends so you can render your leaf lard & cook something for dinner!

    13. Haha, love this! We buy whole steers and 5-6 sheep and butcher them ourselves. Friends think we’re crazy til they try the freshly barbecued chops 😊

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