• It All Started With a Non-Stick Pan

    It All Started With a Non-Stick Pan | stupideasypaleo.com

    It all started with a non-stick pan and an innocent picture on Instagram.

    I was just about to make some homemade ghee, and I posted a photo of the pan with 3 gorgeous sticks of grass-fed butter waiting to get all melty. Then it happened. Someone decided to shame me for using a non-stick pan. The fact that I’m temporarily living with a roommate with all my own kitchen pans packed up in storage was really of no consequence to the shamer who got pretty snarky about me [paraphrase] “not using my influence as I should be.”

    It made me angry for a little while, but more than that, it made me think of the image that I and other healthy-living personalities / bloggers put out into the world. And too often, what I see is this expectation that we appear perfect. We tend to get called out on it. It’s exhausting.

    But, it’s not just me. Recently, a fellow blogger posted a picture of her dinnerβ€”including some wrinkly looking hot dogsβ€”and felt compelled to justify that she’d just microwaved them. Turns out she’d just spent the day preparing a meal for 40 other people and was too exhausted to cook but she didn’t want to get called out for her microwaving ways.

    What this makes me question is why we, as a collective, push into non-stick-pan-shamer’s territory and instead of trying to hide that fact we’re not perfect. Yes, I have a responsibility to educate, and I’m well aware of the social audience that I get to work with on a daily basis. I don’t take that lightly.

    But what I don’t want to convey is that if you can’t afford to grow your own produce in pristine soil that’s then washed by unicorn tears and dried by fairy wings, you suck and might as well pack it in. It’s this tendency to jump on each other’s imperfections that really has to stop. The dietary elitism isn’t serving us.

    So you know what, InstaShamer, here are a list of other imperfect things I do:

    • Bake food on aluminum foil sometimes! Oh, the horror.
    • Wash my hair with regular shampoo and conditioner. (Gave no ‘poo an honest try a few times…I didn’t love it.)
    • Use plastic ziptop bags. Gasp!
    • Consume way too much chocolate. Sometimes even the stuff with soy lecithin.
    • Eat meat that’s not grass-fed or organic. Grass-fed meat from Uruguay makes it into my cart, too.

    I could go on.

    You know what though? I do lots of other things right, and I don’t need people to think that I’m perfect, just that I’m real. Not only that I’m real but that living a Paleo lifestyle isn’t just doable, it’s awesome. I care about helping others be better, not perfect.

    It All Started With a Non-Stick Pan | stupideasypaleo.com

    After all, the world needs more encouragers and fewer critics. I’m off to cook my breakfast, and you know what? I’m using that non-stick pan.

    It All Started With a Non-Stick Pan | stupideasypaleo.com

    Steph Gaudreau is a certified holistic nutrition practitioner, weightlifting and mindset coach, and the author of the best-selling Performance Paleo Cookbook. Her recipes and expert advice have been featured in SELF, Outside Magazine, Elle, and Greatist. Steph loves barbells, cats, and anything Lord of the Rings. She lives in San Diego, CA.

    115 thoughts on “It All Started With a Non-Stick Pan

    1. This is so great! I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now but have been discouraged by all the “instashaming” as you called it. No one is perfect and it’s ridiculous that people expect you to be just because you have a blog. You do so many amazing things to spread the word about this lifestyle and you don’t need people being jerks about minute details like what pan you’re cooking in. P.S. I saw you at paleo f(x) but was too shy to introduce myself πŸ™‚

    2. Couldn’t agree more about the haters/extremists. No matter what you do, anything less than perfection is unacceptable. Its sad that society has evolved to this.
      To thine own self be true…..

      For the record, I use non-stick pans, bake w/aluminum, eat non-grass fed beef, use plastic zipper storage bags & indulge in chocolate once in a while. I REFUSE to use regular shampoo though. Only because I have a hairstyle like Mr. Clean!!! πŸ˜‰


    3. Amen, sister! Shaming is never productive, and no one is perfect, especially when it comes to what essentially are really just some made-up “rules.” Your influence is such a positive one…haters gonna hate, I guess…
      p.s. – that grass-fed beef from Uruguay (Sprouts, right?) always makes me pause a moment too…just seems odd, although maybe grass just grows really well there? πŸ™‚

    4. I APPLAUD YOU SO MUCH FOR THE POST! Can you hear me Steph!? Seriously… CAN YOU HEAR ME APPLAUD YOU!? This post is raw, truthful, and so spunky. I love your attitude girl. Be you. Keep doing what you’re doing and I am always gonna love ya.

    5. Dude. When are trolls going to finally find their way out of the interwebs and get a life? Water off a ducks back, m’dear. Thanks for being honest and real. Authenticity will always win the day!

    6. Well Steph, personally, I think you rock! Good for you for taking a stand like this! Excellent post. Thank you for all you do!


    7. This is SO true… I think we need to start focusing on building each other up, not tearing each other down regardless of what it’s about. Who knows what is going on in another person’s life, why do we need to make ourselves look ‘better’ by pointing out their mistakes? I know I need encouragement and the support to keep going, we all do. Thanks for the reminder πŸ™‚

    8. AMEN sister! Thanks for all you do for us consumers-trying-to-do-right-by-our-bodies. This world is healthier because of you!

    9. Only human, right? I am working on applying what I learned from the Paleo Athlete and try adding rice since I’m lifting heavy weights and training for a half marathon. I’m post whole30, so why not try!

    10. love this! for me, eating paleo is more about the concept than the details, and i know you’ve talked about that previously in your post about eating paleo on a budget. seeing the “popular paleo blogsters” using non-stick pans and enjoying some chocolate from time to time is what made me want to live the paleo lifestyle. it’s not so serious then. i don’t need to worry about the paleo police (love that term!) arresting me. i don’t need to worry that i’m not “elite” enough to be paleo. if i had to worry about being perfect all the time with my paleo lifestyle, then i would have never bothered with it – i know i can’t afford (mentally and economically) to live a perfect paleo lifestyle. and honestly, there’s no way i would’ve ever noticed that you were using a non-stick pan. who the heck notices that kind of stuff? i thought the focus was supposed to be on the food and the great photography skills…

    11. “But what I don’t want to convey is that if you can’t afford to grow your own produce in pristine soil that’s then washed by unicorn tears and dried by fairy wings, you suck and might as well pack it in.”


    12. YES, hurray to you, Steph! :))
      I microwave my food at work EVERY DAY, cause it is my only option to warm up my lunch at work. I use a non-stick pan too, and mine is pretty old and it kinda starts to peel off the non-stick layer into my scrambled eggs. I reheat my lunch in a plastic container (OH, THE HORROR, exactly) and I don’t always eat free ranged eggs. I sometimes enjoy a scoop of Hagen Dazs ice cream and once I week I go out to have a coffee with REGULAR MILK FROM THE BOX (shame on me, right?) Yet I call myself a paleo eather (how dare I???). I never had a grass fed meat in my life (or at least I am not aware of that). We are pretty bad influence, right? You should delete your blog altogether and crawl somewhere in the corner and cry πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ (of course I am kidding…)

      What is really interesting is that these “complains” are usually coming from people who are not “perfect” themselves. Things like “this is way too much chocolate” coming from someone who is gulping down Herbalife shakes and squeezing a donut in the other hand just makes me smile while feeling sorry for the person.

      1. I just lol’d at this b/c I do the same. I take my lunch and heat it up in the plastic tupperware

        I use whatever pan is clean. πŸ˜‰ It might even be a pot if the pans are all dirty.

        No shame here! All encouragement…when you eat good and share it, I eat good and share it.

    13. Good for you! We can only do what we can do! People tend to forget that , yes, even Paleo guru’s are real people with real lives and real challenges! Keep up the good work!

    14. Thank you for this article. So many people in the Paleo world are so damned “perfect” in an imperfect world. I am a newbie to paleo and it is overwhelming all the rules and regulations that go along with just eating raw food. In fact, I gave up for about 2 weeks, because I couldn’t be as perfect as it seemed I needed to be… So I have decided now, that this is my lifestyle change that I need to make and if I have non-organic eggs because they were on sale for $0.99 this week, then so be it. If I had an unlimited budget and a personal chef that was preparing all of my meals, then I would strive for perfection, but I don’t, so until I hit the lottery, my way of paleo will have to do. πŸ™‚ Thanks again for this article.

    15. As a recent Paleo convert, I know that I’m not always doing things ‘right’. But knowing you are human and choose to make the most of your situation or ability is reason enough to keep after it! I love the wanted sign too!

    16. You go! I could not have put it better. I too am sick of people trying to break each other down, instead of encouraging, and not just on the lifestyle front. Good on you for raising your “voice”! πŸ™‚
      Just pinned a microwave cake. πŸ˜€

    17. Thank you!!!! This post is great! NO PERSON IS PERFECT!! and striving for perfection is why every diet I ever tried failed…and striving for reality and health is the reason Paleo is changing my life more and more everyday! 10 months and 80lbs of victory over here…in all it’s imperfect glory!!!! You rock and I for one appreciate your honesty! πŸ™‚

    18. Whew! Having read some on the topic, I could tell you some of the HORRIBLE things the professions do to food before photographing it, but I think that would be besides the point. It is sad that some feel obligated to make remarks about such things and not see the bigger picture of your efforts.

      I’m pretty new to all this, I got started changing the diet for my wife and I thinking SHE was gluten intolerant… turned out it was me. As I got looking into GF, I got interested in Paleo, and found your site, which has been a big help. I can’t say we’re totally Paleo, but that is out goal. We’ve tried several of your recipes and they’ve been great.

      Keep up the good, and well appreciated work, Larry

    19. YES! I’m so with you – it’s become quite ridiculous how perfect all the Paleo bloggers are supposed to be. I mean, I had a mango with my lunch the other day and instagrammed it before being asked if all that fruit was really Paleo. Does it matter?! I’m a 15-year-old girl, for goodness’ sake! And I also use ziplock bags sometimes, and – gasp – normal shampoo!

    20. I can completely relate to this! I’m a blogger, with a much smaller audience than yours, but felt this same pressure. Just last week I wrote a post along these same lines. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in feeling the pressure to be perfect, always make the right decisions, and appear as though I’ve got it all figured out. Love your blog by the way!

    21. We don’t have all day for me to commiserate with you on all of my imperfections, thanks for sharing yours! Anyway, wanted to let you know how helpful your post/email was on paleo meal planning. You inspired me to have a conversation with my family on not going hog wild on some of their favorites (we are carnivores, so meat dishes it was) & to eat more veggies with their meals. Allowing me to freeze the leftovers meant they could enjoy their favorites in more than one sitting. Let the revolution begin! Cashew flour pancakes & paleo mini pizza meatloaves are in the freezer, waiting for the moments we are too exhausted to cook from scratch. Next on the list: paleo breads, more pancakes & some treat company would eat. THANK YOU!

    22. What an incredible post!!! I love it!! There may be some “perfect” people out there, but I do not know them! I am not one either and, like you, Steph, I use some things, or eat some things, or do some things that I shouldn’t, but not consistently, daily or regularly. I am the one who has to answer for my decisions and although we do have a responsibility to “use our influence” as we should (I am a pastor’s wife), I believe our influence is through our whole being and the day to day life that we lead honestly and as real as is humanly possibly. That’s our true influence to others! Keep doing what you’re doing and know for every “InstaShamer”, there is an “InstaCourager”, and probably 10 of them!!

    23. I love this! Good for you for keeping it real. Perfection is an imperfect expectation and does more harm than good. We all do the best that we can in each moment and that is what matters. I think this post is incredibly empowering. Thank you for sharing!

    24. Thank you! This was a welcome relief that I needed today.

      It is asinine for people to stress out in their own kitchens because of the invisible critics who shame them for doing (or not doing) something 100% according to “the rules”.

      Try your best to do what is right according to your lifestyle. Period.

    25. Don’t let anyone shame you! You are doing a wonderful job educating those of us who want to learn. Your blog was one of the first “Paleo” blogs onto which I happened to stumble. You are “common sense” to your very core and I admire what you do to educate us. Perfection is impossible this side of heaven. I think what gets lost so much of the time is that we each are on our own individual journey and we each are just trying to live the best that we can. If non grass-fed beef makes it into my shopping cart, and heaven forbid, I eat a bit of sugar — well, guess what. I get to try again the next day. Each new day we have an opportunity to try a bit harder to do the right thing. The “insta-hater” that tried to shame you — gotta wonder what their stress level is like. You keep up the GREAT JOB!!!

    26. Oh my lordy, sister! I love this post! Unfortunately these days, people search for opportunities to attack at the will, as if they are just waiting for the opportunity to prove a point…and absurd point. I find that our imperfections make us more relatable to one another so we can say to ourselves, “Shit. none of us are perfect and that’s ok and awesome. Now let’s do this together.”

      Keep on rockin’ lady!!! You’re imperfectly fantastic and thank you for all you do!!!

    27. I’m happy to share this world with the imperfect and wonderful individual as yourself. My 6 year old daughter, however would love if things were watered by unicorn tears ( happy ones, of course) and dried by fairy wings.

    28. I am so very thankful for you and for your blog! I have learned so much from you! It’s so true that we need to be more supportive and encouraging with one another, we are all doing Paleo together! Keep on keepin’ on! You rock!

    29. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am pretty good at beating myself up over things like this pan. Now I don’t feel so bad about cooking my Paleo pancakes on my teflon coated griddle last weekend! Thank you for being real and reminding me that I don’t have to be perfect!

    30. I had to laugh at your post honestly. I just love your style πŸ™‚ But seriously, we all could use just a little more encouragement and understanding.

    31. Yay for keeping it human, realistic and Paleo…ish! πŸ˜‰

      And hey, I rock non-stick too, sometimes cook with olive oil, eat dairy when I feel like it and commit loads of other “felonies” on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis.
      I don’t recommend it, but I won’t apologize to anyone but myself for doing it either.
      Also, it does not make the recipes I choose to share any less “real” or valid, and at the end of the day it’s up to each and every one to make their own decisions.

      One thing is certain though, NOBODY becomes healthier by pointing out other peoples “flaws”…it’s by addressing what you think are your own you can improve!
      (For starters, a rancid personality is probably not much healthier than cooking with non-stick…*hint*)

      Eat that instashamers…it’s my 100% organic opinion πŸ˜‰

    32. I loved your post!! I just finished reading all the wonderfully encouraging comments people left and I feel so uplifted. Here’s to honesty and just doing the best we can, with what we have, wherever we are.
      Keep up the great imperfect work!! Thank You

    33. Thank you for this post!!! When I fits got into paleo, I noticed a lot of shaming from other paleo people and it really turned me off, so I stopped following those people on social media. I chose not to label my eating habits for this reason, because I am not perfect paleo or perfect anything. None of us are. I follow what I refer to as a “mostly” paleo diet – 80/20. I mean, hey, you have to live and enjoy, so yes – I DO enjoy sofritas (with cheese and sour cream, thank you) from Chipotle on occasion (soy! Bad Paleo!). I cannot live without beans and yogurt and, sometimes, ice cream. And yes – chocolate!! I even ate a donut today because I had a VERY stressful morning. So what? I do my best to eat well but sometimes, you just don’t want to think about it. OR you made the conscious choice to screw the rules. To shame people, even experts like you, is stupid.

    34. Love the post! People get so discouraged to even try this way of eating when they think they have to be perfect. It’s all about lots of little changes that add up to something awesome!

      1. The admiration is mutual, Mel. Honestly. You’ve been a mentor to me even across the Web.

        Shhhhhh…don’t say it too loudly πŸ˜‰

    35. Good for you for posting this! Great read. Too often those people that expect perfection are what turn people off from the paleo lifestyle.

    36. Good grief! People need to relax a little. Yes, we all wish Internet celebs were perfect but that wouldn’t be very encouraging now would it? Kudos to you for keeping it real! I also had a piece of chocolate with soy lecithin, and no regrets! Great article!

    37. YES!! Thank you for verbalizing this! I have been SO frustrated with this growing trend of people nitpicking about Paleo bloggers post on Instagram, claiming that we have a “responsibility” to only post Paleo things. I don’t get it! They aren’t perfect either, so why do they expect us to be perfect, and then shame us when we’re not? Juli has been getting a ton of this lately on her IG and it’s so unfair. I’m lucky enough to fly under the radar since I have a much smaller follower base but as a part of the community it has been irking me. So THANK YOU! Sharing this to my FB page pronto.

    38. So… Steph…. are you still using the non-stick pan?? Just kidding of course.
      Your statement was very well written and I agree 100%. Unfortunately, it was probably a waste of breath to the haters– let the haters hate. It’s easier to just hit the ‘delete’ key. If they’re so damn perfect and dogmatic, why don’t they have their own cookbook, their own gym, their own blog, their own podcast, their own TV show, their own country?? Hypocrisy is one thing I don’t tolerate… This is not a religion, it’s a way of life and we’re all different. Paleo is a template where we follow the “spirit of the law”, not the “letter of the law”.
      Unfortunately, in our new technological world of typing and reading, we lose the personal nature of communication where we listen, hear, and comprehend what the other person is saying through inflection and tone. Sometimes an innocent statement meant to be humorous could turn into an angry argument.
      Stay strong – you have an army of followers who love what you’re doing!!

    39. Hear hear!! Very well said. None of us are perfect, but it takes a great deal of courage to say so, even more so when you are in the public spotlight. Love reading your posts, and love your resilience in the face of haters. Never let them get you down πŸ™‚

    40. I absolutely love and adore this post. Thank you for this! And for all of your posts. As someone who is new to Paleo and still figuring things out and ‘testing’ non-paleo things to see what works best for me, I started to beat up on myself for not being perfect. What is perfect anyways? Something that is a constant worry and frankly, no fun. I appreciate someone who I look up to and follow fully admits in black and white that they are not perfect nor do they try to live a life of perfection. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate that, this post, and all your others showing that it is about living a happy, balanced, AWESOME life. Thank you to the moon and back for that. πŸ™‚ Keep doing you girl! It is appreciated, looked up to, and does not go unnoticed! πŸ˜€

    41. I am FAR from perfect, but trying to do a little better each day. I appreciate the recipes, tips and information you and others in the Paleo community share. Those that troll the internet blogs, searching for someone or something to criticize must have very sad lives.

    42. Um, YEAH! I’ve been avoiding blogging in my first trimester bc I’m a nutritional therapist and paleo and for the past three months all I’ve been able to stomach is… the opposite of paleo and everything I would never tell someone to eat. O_O But you know what, I’m a person and morning sickness happens, so… whatever. It was three months and it’s over and I’m transitioning back to my normal diet as I can… and I’m going to write a “CONFESSION” post about it soon, but I’m kind of looking forward to being REAL and imperfect and baring it all for the blog-world to see. Thanks for being real!

    43. How awesomely authentic of you to write this post! I agree that the perfect should NOT be the enemy of the good. Let us all strive to do the best we can with what we have at the time, whether we’re the ones writing the posts or reading them.

    44. What a refreshing blog! Thanks Steph for keeping it real. Internet Trolls and InstaShamers really have nothing meaningful in their lives and are just grumpy and lonely … Perhaps they should open their weirdly narrow minds and take a good look around them. Paleo isn’t just a diet, it’s a whole lifestyle – they’ll have a whinge about a non stick frypan while they sit in their air conditioned high rise after removing a plastic bottle of water from their CFC producing refrigerator and sitting in front of their 58inch TV on their “Made in China” sofa … give it a rest people and seriously, get a life!

    45. AMEN!!!! So well said and so true! One of the things that kept me away from Paleo (until very recently) was the Paleo police. Why the heck must people always be so dang critical? Why do they even care??! So sick of it. We should be building each other up, not tearing down. And I always appreciate when bloggers post pictures/posts that show them as being “real”. I have no desire to follow someone who does everything “perfectly”. Because I could never attain that, nor would I want too!!

    46. Hi Stupideasypaleo, great blog post as per and thanks for all yr great instagrams. I have a genuine / honest (maybe nube) question though what’s wrong with non stick pans ?? Thanks.

      1. If you do a little research on the Googles you’ll find plenty of stuff about it causing cancer and toxicity. Some folks take it pretty far.

    47. LOVE this Steph! It sucks when I see health-superstars like yourself feeling like they have to justify the slightest deviation from sainthood! You’re such an inspiration to me & it’s almost a relief to know you love chocolate & don’t just wash your hair with vinegar. This whole idea of a perfect diet or perfect lifestyle is just not necessary.

    48. Sometimes non-stick is the only option. For me, eggs and even pancakes sometimes stick too much no matter how much fat is used. Non-stick is the way to go. It drives me batty when someone feels the need to spend their time spreading negativity.

    49. I’ve eaten food cooked in non-stick pans all my life. It hasn’t killed me yet! Yes. I use cast-iron too, but sometimes non-stick is just the way to go πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work, and good cooking!

    50. I appreciate all the info you share, and recipes, and I don’t expect you, or anyone else to be perfect all the time. Sometimes you just can’t be perfect. Sometimes you make the call that it’s just too much work and you need to let something slide. We all have our limits, whether they are due to budgets, availability, time, energy, whatever.
      So I have to ask though, what’s wrong with cooking on alum foil? Is is not recommended for health reasons, or environmental reasons??

    51. What? There are pan rules too? Seriously people – get.a.life. I choose to call it a paleo template, not a strict regimen.
      As my son says – haters gonna hate. It is so easy to do from a keyboard when no one can look you in the eye.

      Keep up the good work. I love the recipes to try out on my family.

    52. This is absolutely awesome!! F**K people and their negativity and their opinions. you are awesome! dont let anyone tell you otherwise (i gotta learn to take my own advice, i would totally be floored if someone tried to call me out on something i did or didnt do when i do my best)!!

    53. Thank you for this. I’m just a regular mom, without a blog, who tries to make good food for my family. I don’t want to feel guilty for not doing it “right,” nor do I want to go broke buying “perfect” food. I will not be shamed for eating food that is not small batch, locally grown or, as you so eloquently said, “watered with unicorn tears.” I enjoy your blog, and want to encourage you to continue to write for all of us, not just for paleo perfectionists.

    54. Amen, sister! I still cook my eggs in a non-stick skillet. You know why? Because it SUCKS cooking them in a cast iron skillet! Truthfully, I don’t have time for that.

      And the cost of beef today in of itself? It’s very difficult to afford paying for TWO STEAKS for $14 between my boyfriend and I. It would be cheaper to go down the street and grab happy hour sushi and eat – oh, god forbid – SOY SAUCE with my sushi.

      Lol – thanks for being the real deal! Love this blog already and I just got here.

      1. First let me say that I am in NO WAY being critical of anyone who isn’t 100% perfect all the time. Just last week I ate a frozen pizza – so there! However most of the time I follow a paleo/primal diet and try to be health and environmentally conscious. I recently went to a Pampered Chef party and decided to buy one of their white ceramic coated saute pans because I try to limit Teflon use. I have to say I LOVE it. Either me or my husband uses it almost every morning for eggs and they never stick. I’ve cooked fish and browned meat and it always comes clean. You have to hand wash it, but that’s no big deal because it washes so easily. I’ve had it about 2 months and so far its been great. I am not a PC consultant, nor have I ever been. It wasn’t cheap though – $60 for a 10″ saute pan. My fingers are crossed no one has any bad news about ceramic cookware giving you cancer.

    55. Kudos! Your info is helpful and the fact that you take your time and efforts to share with us at no expense to us, to help us improve our lives….you are appreciated. Thanks. And thanks for being human and sharing that with us too. On my side of the fence (the reader side) it’s more encouraging to get advice from someone who is human and not perfect either.

    56. So my experience with haters is that they tend to have trouble finding what works for them, and quoting one brand of Paleo as gospel seems to be their way of convincing themselves of what they need to do. My response to “you can’t eat that” is always, “I’m grown, I can do what I want to do.” They don’t know what to do with that except drop it πŸ™‚

    57. Unfortunately, there are haters in every corner of life these days! Bravo to you for this post! Gauging from the numerous positive responses here, your post resonated with many…..myself included. Thank you!

    58. I’m so glad I read this! I started with Paleo six months ago and found it so hard to do everything perfectly. I thought that because I used non-stick pans (couldn’t afford to replace them), used the microwave, ate raw cheese occasionally, that I wasn’t truly going Paleo. I thought that if I didn’t do it all “right”, then it wasn’t worth doing. I gave up. It seemed to me that most Paleo gurus were perfect and I just felt I could never be perfect. Reading this list of imperfect things has given be the desire to start up with Paleo again. I will do the best I can and any changes that improve my health will be well worth it.

      1. The perfection is an illusion, I promise. Even the gurus are not perfect. Glad you’re willing to try again!

    59. Well said. I am new to Paleo and I was starting to feel myself becoming a food “snob” and I realized I don’t have to break the bank to be Paleo. I don’t have to be perfect. I live in an area where it just isn’t possible unless I want to pay alot for shipping. I’d rather use it to buy more food. Thanks again.

    60. You are doing just fine. my hubby and I switched our very large brood over to paleo 18 months ago and its been a ride that is for sure. we have 5 small children all under 11. so we Poverty Paleo we eat what ever meat is ON SALE, if we can get to the market we do but often that costs more not less. we buy what ever eggs we can afford, we buy the frozen veggies, we skip organic often (we have a sink and vinegar we can wash). we eat too much chocolate and drink too much wine (you catch the 5 kids part). we buy the occasional gluten free pizza or brownies (BECAUSE it makes us Gods in the eyes of our children, who endure the teasing and the bullying and the snotty remarks from the kids at school for eating healthy home made foods instead of gold fish crackers and fruit by the foot). No one is perfect, you do the best you can with what you got (which is also paleo our ancestors did the best they could with what was available).

      1. Thank you Haley. I think it’s awesome that you are doing what you can within your means. I wish you and your family the best of health! πŸ™‚

    61. Great post! Two comments: (1) A very wise person once said, Use what you have, from where you are, and do what you can. I think it’s a great motto for a lot of things. (2) A nonstick frypan is the only utensil I’ve found that fried eggs won’t stick to. So I’ll always own one.

    62. Right on girl! let he haters hate because you can’t stop them but we can show them together that encouraging each other really makes this world a better place.

    63. Good for you Steph, I don’t put down what others do but, I do have a really compelling real life story on non stick pans and what they can do to people that are sensitive to them. Hell I would still use them if we didn’t have this issue!

      1. I totally respect that. There are tons of examples how some things which are fine for some but must be avoided by others. My husband, for example, can’t eat kraut or bone broth or a lot of the other foods present in a paleo diet because of his histamine intolerance. I think my main issue was how this woman came at me and tried to embarrass / shame me in front of everyone. Education always has a place but how she approached it was all wrong.

    64. you know what??? I USED THE MICROWAVE today AND….. ate some fake food ( eggs from McDonalds)

      let the haters keep hating, your information is good, honest and written in a voice that I can relate to. Do not let them get you down

    65. i like the points you made. Little changes at a time add up. No one is perfect. I am doing whole30 with my husband and we have made a lot of great changes. We feel so much better. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone but I don’t buy organic meat!!!! ?

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