• CrossFit Open 15.4 Nutrition Strategy

    CrossFit Open 15.4 Nutrition Strategy | stupideasypaleo.com

    If you’re participating in the Open, I’ve written a CrossFit Open 15.4 nutrition strategy for you!

    So far, the workouts have been pretty true to CrossFit’s roots, and 15.4 is no different: an AMRAP ascending ladder of handstand push-ups and cleans.

    Eating well in the days, weeks and months leading up to the Open is the biggest way to set up a strong foundation for your best performance, but there are certainly some things to think about for 15.4.

    If you’re doing The Open, the workout for the fourth week is:


    8-minute AMRAP:

    3 handstand push-ups
    3 cleans
    6 handstand push-ups
    3 cleans
    9 handstand push-ups
    3 cleans
    12 handstand push-ups
    6 cleans
    15 handstand push-ups
    6 cleans
    18 handstand push-ups
    6 cleans
    21 handstand push-ups
    9 cleans
    Etc., following same pattern

    M 185 lb.  F 125 lb.

    The lynch-pin is going to be the handstand push-ups for most people. The reps quickly escalate and if you’re not careful to stay just under your limit, it’s easy to fatigue to the point of failure. In such a short workout it’ll be hard to recover if you burn your shoulders and arms out.

    I competed in The Open three times and went to Regionals in 2013, so I know exactly how this one is going to feel. It’s going to fly by!

    Click here for full detailed nutrition strategy for the CrossFit Open 15.4

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    CrossFit Open 15.4 Nutrition Strategy | stupideasypaleo.comCrossFit Open 15.4 Nutrition Strategy | stupideasypaleo.com

    Performance Paleo Cookbook | stupideasypaleo.com

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