• Meet Steph

    I’m Steph Gaudreau, and I want to help you become stronger so you can achieve your full potential.


    This clear sense of purpose drives everything I do…

    …from creating real food recipes to speaking about holistic nutrition to coaching my strength training clients.

    It shows up in the work I’m called to do every day.

    I believe that being healthy, happy and harder to kill comes from building and balancing the Four Pillars:

    Eat nourishing foods

    Strengthen your body

    Recharge your energy

    Get your mind right

    The journey looks different for everyone, but I’m here to help guide you.

    Join me for my free webinar – 4 Ways Smart Women Unknowingly Sabotage Their Health (When Trying to Get Leaner & Stronger) to learn more: http://htkwebinar.com/

    Finding a real, whole food way of eating and a holistic lifestyle in 2009 has changed everything.

    I stopped getting wacky sugar cravings, adult acne, crazy bloating, and fainting spells.

    My moods are better, my endometriosis is manageable without meds, and I lost that dreaded hangry feeling.

    Best of all, I’m not fighting with food anymore.

    And I teach women like you how to do the same.

    Lehhhhhhhhhhhhhs go!