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I totally get where you’re coming from.

Hi, I’m Steph. Finding the Paleo has changed my health, my performance as an athlete, and my life. I stopped  getting wacky sugar cravings, adult acne, crazy bloating and fainting spells. My moods are better, my endometriosis is manageable, and I no longer


I’ve done everything from CrossFit Regionals to 12 hour solo mountain bike races while eating Paleo and have never been stronger or had better body composition.

Best of all, I finally—at 36 years old—feel like I’m not fighting with food anymore. (Read how I finally won my battle with sugar.)


Like you, though I love delicious Paleo food, I don’t have hours to cook. Luckily, the kitchen is where my love of tasty eats and my mad scientist background commingle. Add in my formal education in biology / human physiology, 12 years as a high school science teacher and my training as a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, and you get my specialty: making things stupid-easy.

My pledge to you:

  • Create easy-to-follow recipes with quality ingredients that stay true to the roots of Paleo: meats, seafood and eggs; veggies and fruit; healthy fats; and rarely, sweets or treats.
  • Share awesome resources to help you navigate your own Paleo journey.
  • Keep things simple and unfussy.

Stay healthy, happy and harder to kill!