• About Me

    What if…

    • you could cook mouth-watering, soul-satisfying meals without 10,493 ingredients or complicated methods that belong in culinary school?
    • you found a source of clear, helpful information about what to eat to give you boundless energy, clear skin and a healthy bodyweight without all the BS and gimmicks?
    • you could fuel your workouts without pills, powders, potions and anything that comes with a warning label? (Cuz that’s an actual thing.)
    • you found someone to give you both a shoulder to lean on and a virtual kick in the pants when you need it most?
    • you’re tired of paleo sites that are all coconut flour brownies and no actual real food?

    Get your fork ready because it’s time to dig into a heaping helping of ALL that good stuff right here on Stupid Easy Paleo.

    My name is Steph Gaudreau, holistic nutritionist, coach and owner of Stupid Easy Paleo. (Click here to read my full bio, see my credentials, etc.)

    I get it. You want someone to guide you on this journey to better health, and I’m the woman to do it. If you want someone who’s gonna tell it like it is, more than just a rah-rah cheerleader, you’re in the right spot.

    Finding Paleo has changed my health, my performance as an athlete, and my life. I stopped getting wacky sugar cravings, adult acne, crazy bloating and fainting spells. My moods are better, my endometriosis is manageable, and I no longer want to kill all the things between meals.


    I’ve done everything from CrossFit Regionals (pictured above) to 12 hour solo mountain bike races while eating Paleo and am living proof you can step away from the gel packets and chalky protein bars and still perform.

    Best of all, I finally – at 37 years old – feel like I’m not fighting with food anymore. (Read how I finally won my battle with sugar.)


    Like you, though I love delicious Paleo food, I don’t have hours to cook. Luckily, the kitchen is where my love of tasty eats and my mad scientist background commingle. Add in my formal education in biology / human physiology, 12 years as a high school science teacher and my training as a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, and you get my specialty: making things stupid-easy and approachable.

    My pledge to you

    I will…

    • Create easy-to-follow recipes with quality ingredients that stay true to the roots of Paleo: meats, seafood and eggs; veggies and fruit; healthy fats; and rarely, sweets or treats.
    • Share awesome resources to help you navigate your own Paleo journey.
    • Keep things simple and unfussy.

    Stay healthy, happy and harder to kill!