• Meet Steph

    I’m Steph Gaudreau, and I help others become stronger so that they can achieve their highest potential.


    This clear sense of purpose drives everything I do…

    …from creating paleo recipes to speaking about holistic nutrition to coaching my strength training clients. (See my full bio here.)

    It shows up in the work I’m called to do every day.

    Here at Stupid Easy Paleo, that includes..

    • mouth-watering, soul-satisfying meals without 10,493 ingredients or complicated methods that belong in culinary school.
    • clear, helpful information about what to eat to give you boundless energy, clear skin and a healthy bodyweight without all the BS and gimmicks.
    • ideas for fueling your workouts without pills, powders, potions and anything that comes with a warning label? (Cuz that’s an actual thing.)
    • both a shoulder to lean on and a virtual kick in the pants when you need it most.
    • more than just coconut flour brownies and paleo desserts.

    Finding a real, whole food way of eating and a holistic lifestyle in 2009 has changed everything: my health, my performance as an athlete, and my outlook on life.


    I stopped getting wacky sugar cravings, adult acne, crazy bloating, and fainting spells.

    My moods are better, my endometriosis is manageable without meds, and I lost that dreaded hangry feeling.

    Best of all, I’m not fighting with food anymore. (Read how I won the battle with sugar.)

    Stay Connected

    I invite you to be part of this community of vibrant health and strength seekers. The easiest places to interact with me are Instagram and Facebook. (I check those most frequently.)

    But I’m also pinning my heart out on Pinterest and Tweeting and posting videos on YouTube.

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    My Pledge to You

    My purpose is to serve you on your journey to better health and your highest potential. I pledge to…

    • Create easy-to-follow recipes with quality ingredients that stay true to the roots of paleo: meats, seafood and eggs; veggies and fruit; and healthy fats.
    • Share the best resources to help you navigate your own health journey.
    • Keep things simple.



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