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    Top 5 AHS New Zealand Symposium Moments

    If you weren’t among the bunch of lucky folks who converged on Queenstown, New Zealand for The Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand‘s first International Symposium this past weekend, I’m going to fill you in on my top 5 moments! As I sit here typing this, we’ve just arrived back in Christchurch to read more…

    The Romanticism of a Cast Iron Skillet

    Steph’s Note: My friend—talented story-teller, creative badass, and occasional butt-kicker—Dave Conrey of Fresh Rag, pitched me this story idea recently. While it’s a bit non-traditional for a mostly-recipe-and-info site, I immediately got drawn into the story and the nostalgia of it all. Since cooking is such an important part of many life read more…

    Beekeeping Adventures – Part 2

    Steph’s Note: Today’s post is the second in a series introducing you to my experiences as a novice beekeeper. I was introduced to the idea of beekeeping from my friend Diana Rodgers, and her book,  The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook: Over 100 Delicious, Gluten-Free, Farm-to-Table Recipes, and a Complete Guide to Growing Your read more…

    5 Things I Love About the New Whole30 Book

    If you’ve been a blog reader for a while, you’ll know I’m a strong advocate for the Whole30 program, created by NYT-Best Selling authors Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. I’ve done a few Whole30’s myself over the past four years, and the 30-day elimination program helped me finally slay my sugar dragon and read more…