Tired of slaving in front of the stove three times a day? Need simple but flavorful meals to take you through a hectic week so you don't reach for take-out? 

My 30-Day Easy Paleo Meal Plans are for you!

These ultimate monthly meal plans contain all of the tips-and-tricks for putting 4 weeks of satisfying paleo meals on your table while saving up to 10 hours a week on food prep. 

I created this system out of necessity, and it helped me stick to healthy eating despite a busy lifestyle.

Using my experience as a cookbook author and holistic nutritionist, I've packed these plans with delicious and healthy meals that are simple to prepare.

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Each 30-DAY EASY PALEO MEAL PLAN contains everything you'll need to plan and cook a month of meals
using proven, time-saving techniques and simple recipes that'll keep you satisfied.

“...this meal plan is about 100 times better than any other
clean-eating type food plan I've ever tried to do...”

– Veronica H.

A Meal Plan For All Skill Levels

You don't need a degree in culinary arts or a million hours of free time to make these recipes. With a clear structure and time-tested techniques like batch prepping, you'll find success in the kitchen by following these meal plans.

You'll have healthy, delicous food waiting for you in the fridge when life gets crazy. No more caving in for greasy take-out!

Reader Raves

Over 12,000 real people just like you have used these meal plans, saving time and developing the skills to maximize cooking time, roll food forward, and make food that actually tastes good.

Here's what people are saying...

Mark B: 

"The food has all tasted fantastic, and I really appreciate having this structure in my life right now. It definitely helps me to much better." 

Sabrina B.

"Hoping that you keep this up! I will buy one every month. Our grocery bill was $100 less than another well-known paleo blogger's weekly meal plan!!" 

Alissa E. 

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you! I'm grateful for the meal plan. It's forcing me to try new recipes that I've avoided in the past. I normally hate ginger and cilantro, but gave the Thai Coconut Soup a chance, and OMG! Delicious! I will definitely be making it again in the future!" 

Why did I make these meal plans?

I created a system that anyone can learn, one that's proven to buy me back nearly 10 hours of free time each week...

...because I stopped standing in front of the stove three times a day.

Back when I started eating paleo in 2010, I made pretty much every meal fresh. Between working full-time as a high school teacher, training five days a week, and taking care of house and pets, it was exhausting to make a breakfast, pack a freshly made lunch, and create dinner from scratch when I got home.

It's not that I was against leftovers...I just didn't have a good plan in place.

Figuring out what to eat took a lot of energy that I could've been spending in other places.

I got so frustrated wondering if this healthy eating thing was really worth it. 

Then, I decided enough was enough.

I started working smarter, not harder using the techniques I teach in my 30-Day Easy Paleo Meal Plans...

...and life got infinitely easier. I started to like cooking, and my healthy diet was no longer a chore.

I love helping people like you take control over their food. I love thinking of easy recipes and setting them up in a way that's simple to execute.

I'm sharing my love and passion for healthy, tasty food with you through these meal plans, and I'll teach you how to be a kitchen ninja.”