• Guide to Clean Eating Challenges

    Guide to Clean-Eating Challenges | stupideasypaleo.comIsn’t it about time you get off the crazy diet roller coaster for good? I mean, the highs are thrilling but the lows can make you feel out of control. 

    If you’re taking on your first Whole30 or jumping into your gym’s Paleo challenge next month because you’re sick and tired of the ups and downs of dieting, I’m here help.

    Sometimes you need extra support to help you navigate your new real food lifestyle. That’s why I’m here.

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    I get what it’s like. 

    My relationship with food used to be a mess. Some days I felt great but most of the time it was like that first big hill on your favorite coaster: the bottom was always dropping out. Yuck.

    In 2010 I went Paleo and got off that damn roller coaster for good. I took the control back, found freedom from cravings and hormonal problems, and changed my life.

    And now I’m passing along the secrets that helped me get there.

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    You’ll learn all about how to get your mind right, prep for success, and what to do when life happens. (Because it always does.)

    I’m giving you all my best resources and support because I want you to get your freedom back, too.

    You deserve it.

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