• Feel Healthier. Get Stronger. Be Relaxed.

    Restrictive dieting, hours of pointless cardio, and not knowing how to handle your stress are soooo last year.

    Think about the truly healthy people you know. How do they make it look so damn effortless while you’re over here slaving away not making the progress you want?

    It’s easy to think you don’t have the know-how to really turn things around, and hiring a personal chef, individual nutritionist, personal trainer plus gym membership, and mindset coach is expensive.

    The secret? (Well, it’s really not a secret.)

    It’s all about selecting the most effective ways to eat, exercise, and get your mind right.

    Getting healthier, being stronger, and feeling relaxed = game-changing. No, LIFE-CHANGING.

    Imagine feeling nourished, satiated, and content rather than freaked out about what—and how much—to eat.

    Imagine walking into a room full of strangers feeling confident in your own skin.

    Imagine being stronger physically and mentally than you’ve ever been.

    I’ve crafted the ultimate 6-week experience that’ll make these a reality instead of a dream, and I’m here to guide you through every step of the way.

    It Starts With Three Pillars

    Healthy Happy Harder to Kill | StupidEasyPaleo.com

    Let’s buckle up for some truths (this is stuff the diet & fitness industries don’t want you to hear):

    • There isn’t a one-size-fits-all diet that works for everyone…you are a unique snowflake.
    • Strength training just a few times a week makes you hella strong…and builds muscle quickly.
    • Decreasing your stress has mega-huge, positive implications…on everything else.

    Navigating through all this stuff and coming up with a realistic plan can be so confusing. Finding the right mix is hard unless you know where to look. And let’s face it, you don’t have time to go on wild goose chases all over the internet.

    No quackery or gimmicks. This stuff is scientifically backed and highly effective. You’ll feel results in as little as 4 weeks.

    Welcome to the Healthy, Happy & Harder to Kill (HHHTK) Program. (Way more life-changing than pound cake.)

    Love for Healthy, Happy & Harder to Kill…

    Healthy Happy Harder to Kill | StupidEasyPaleo.com

    Healthy Happy Harder to Kill | StupidEasyPaleo.com

    Healthy Happy Harder to Kill | StupidEasyPaleo.com


    I’m Here to Help You Get Healthy & Strong

    Healthy Happy Harder to Kill | StupidEasyPaleo.com
    If you haven’t followed the real food scene for a while, then you might not know I’m a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner with a degree in Human Physiology / Biology, best-selling author and certified USA Weightlifting strength coach.

    What I’ve been doing for the past 4+ years is coaching people through the most effective ways to eat, exercise, and de-stress. Until recently, the only way to come to one of my seminars in person or meet me in San Diego to get strength coaching at the gym.

    Last year, I created Healthy Happy & Harder to Kill so I could offer my coaching services to anyone who was willing and eager. The result? Hundreds of people just like you have improved their health, gotten way stronger, and learned real techniques to decrease stress in an affordable, online format.

    The Healthy, Happy & Harder to Kill Program combines all the most effective nutrition, fitness, and mindset tools in one 6-week online program designed with real people, their sanity and long-term sustainability in mind.

    If you’re ready to:

    • Feel the freedom that comes with breaking free from calorie- or macro-counting…
    • Have the tools to make a healthier diet and exercise plan more manageable long-term…
    • Eat food that makes you feel freaking great without having to diet…
    • Get silly-strong…
    • Create more headspace and sucker-punch stress…

    I’m here to be your guide on this truly life-changing journey.

    There is one catch: My Healthy Happy & Harder to Kill Program only opens up twice a year, and spaces are limited so you get the personal attention you deserve.

    Doors open again September, 2016.


    The Healthy Happy & Harder to Kill Program is going to change the way you think about food, exercise, sleep and stress management.

    It’s structured around a single daily action—just one thing—to do per day.

    Learn valuable techniques and tools for improving your strength, feeling healthier and getting more headspace.

    Something heavy need to be picked up? You’ve got that.

    Cravings? Buh-bye.

    Your boss getting you down? Handle it with a new-found confidence.

    The best part? You’ll get access to the program from anywhere because it’s all online.

    Here’s what you’ll get with the Standard Level:

    • Daily emails for 6 weeks that’ll dive deep into a range of topics about nutrition, fitness and mindset, plus an action to take every single day! ($199 value)
    • Weekly Strength Training Plan…improve your strength with ridiculously effective total body strength movements: squat, press, deadlift, power cleans, push-ups and pull-ups. (Access to a barbell and plates or at least three varying sets of dumbbells is highly recommended.) ($99 value)
    • Video Library…each exercise has its own videos showing proper form and technique, as well as common errors to avoid. Substitutions and modifications are included. ($199 value)
    • Weekly Meal Plan…get your meal prep game on point and eat the foods that nourish your body without counting or logging. A delicious real-food approach to eating! The meal plan is optional if you’d like the extra structure. ($99 value)
    • Funsheets to help you track your progress. ($99 value)
    • 2 Private Online Q&A sessions for HHHTK members only to get any of your questions answered in real-time! ($299 value)

    Total value: $994

    Doors open September, 2016. 

    Common Questions

    If you’re not a doctor, why should I listen to you?

    Correct, I’m not a doctor. (And I didn’t even sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night!)

    What I am is an avid seeker of knowledge and a science-to-real talk translator. I’ve spent lots of my own personal time and money working with the best coaches and practitioners, and researching the most effective methods based on actual human physiology. I can regularly be found reading scientific journal articles for fun. Seriously.

    I’m a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, USA Weightlifting Level 1 coach, and I hold a BS in Biology / Human Physiology. While I don’t have a medical degree, I do know a lot about how the body works, and I’ve seen the recommendations outlined in Harder to Kill work for thousands of my readers and hundreds of my coaching clients.

    That being said, I do have a disclaimer that nothing in this program is medical advice and shouldn’t be considered as such. Always talk to your doctor before making adjustments to your diet, fitness routine, and lifestyle.

    I’ve tried so many things. How is this program different?

    Glad you asked! Above all, I designed this program with sustainability in mind. I want you to walk away with the tools to change your nutrition and fitness for good. The Harder to Kill Challenge is different for a few main reasons.

    First, this isn’t some crazy crash diet or juice detox. There are no pills, powders or potions to buy. You won’t feel deprived. You’ll be nourishing yourself with real food to fuel your body and balance your hormones. You’ll set the stage for getting stronger, improving digestion, and calming inflammation.

    Next, the fitness component was crafted carefully to give you the maximum benefit with the least investment of time. You won’t be spending 7 days a week in the gym, slaving away for hours doing boring, pointless cardio. You’ll get stronger (and have fun!) and your confidence will skyrocket.

    Lastly, as a veteran 12-year classroom teacher, I live and breathe program design. The daily actions, before and after activities, and instructional quality is top-notch. I’ve sequenced everything so you’ll leave with a toolbox full of practical skills to continue your healthier lifestyle far beyond the last day of the Harder to Kill Challenge. Other programs never help you learn anything about anything. Rather, this program will challenge you to take action, learn, and reflect.

    Some of the concepts in the program may not be new to you, but the way they are sequenced, structured, and reinforced to promote real habit change is.

    I don’t have time or money for something like this. What should I do?

    I know what it’s like to feel like time is slipping away from you on a daily basis. I’ve been there, and it really stinks. I want you to know you’re heard and you’re not alone.

    Here’s a little bit of microcoaching from me: What if the feeling of not having enough time – even for things you really want to do – was actually because you’re stressed and running your energy levels down? It’s counterintuitive, I know, but the solution to feeling like you don’t have enough time is to actually slow down, not go faster.

    I designed the Harder to Kill Challenge for you to strip away what’s not important, to exercise more efficiently, and to stop wasting energy on picky diet rules. By focusing on less instead of getting more done in your day, you’ll feel more renewed and less hurried.

    As for money, I also know what it’s like to feel a little apprehensive when it comes to laying down your hard-earned dollars for a web-based coaching program. For over five years, I’ve been helping people just like you get stronger so they can achieve things they never thought possible. But don’t take my word for it. Go through the challenge for a full 30 days, and if I didn’t deliver, if I didn’t earn your money, I’ll refund you 100%.

    How will I access the challenge?

    The day the program starts, you’ll log in to the website with your username and password to access each day’s content. There, you’ll read that day’s topics and take action on something related to nutrition, fitness or mindset.

    You’ll also directly access program resources like funsheets, supporting guides, video demonstrations, and sweet bonuses.

    Every day, you’ll also get a reminder email to your inbox! Because the program is sequenced in a very specific way, you won’t be able to skip ahead, but you’ll always be able to go back and review any information.

    It’ll help to have a strong internet connection so you can view the videos. Also, you’ll need Adobe Reader (free) if you have a PC so you can read the PDF guides. Having a printer will allow you to print out the guides and funsheets so you can write on them if you’d like, or you can type directly into them and save.

    How do I know if this program right for me?

    Sometimes, on the road to lifelong health and badassery, pit stops are needed. A little tune-up here, a little air in the tires there, and you’re back in business. If you’re needing support or someone to hold you accountable because your habits could use some fine-tuning, this program is right for you. There’s always something to learn about yourself. Consider this challenge like hitting the reset button on your nutrition and fitness plan, giving you a jumpstart when you need it most.

    When it comes to making decisions, many of us try to use our rational thinking. Instead, listen to your gut. What is it saying? You’ll know whether it’s right for you or not when you tap into your intuition.

    Here’s who it’s not for:

    • You’re looking for a quick fix or magic weight loss pill…it’s not for you.
    • You don’t want to take any action, this won’t work.
    • If you’re not willing to strengthen your body three times a week, it’s not for you.
    • If you don’t want to change your sleep habits, it’s a bad fit.
    • You want to keep using food as a source of control and punishment.
    • You’re unwilling to spend 10 minutes a day reducing your stress levels.
    • If deep down, there’s a part of you that likes the stress of fighting with food, overexercising, or negative thinking, it’s not a match.
    • If you want to keep doing what you’ve always done that’s never worked…

    To participate in the fitness portion of the challenge, you’ll need two or three sets of dumbbells (light / heavy or light / medium / heavy). It can be completed at home or in a basic gym.

    If you opt for the advanced level of the fitness portion, you’ll need a barbell, plates, and a squat rack. It’s something you can complete in any basic gym or strength & conditioning facility.

    Can’t I just get this information for free across the internet?

    You could totally spend hours combing the internet looking for information about nutrition, fitness, and mindset work…and then try to assemble it into a cohesive program that’ll have these components working harmoniously with each other.

    However, what you’re likely to find is a mess of opinions, half-truths, and potentially harmful advice from inexperienced and poorly informed “experts.”

    If you’re tired of wasting your time chasing information from all over the web, I’ve put it all in one place in a sequence that’s designed with purpose. My experience, certifications and credentials mean you’re getting it all from a trusted source who has your best health in mind.

    Healthy Happy Harder to Kill | StupidEasyPaleo.com

    Healthy Happy Harder to Kill | StupidEasyPaleo.com

    Doors open September, 2016.