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    Do I Need to Eat Post-Workout Meal?: Ask Steph

    (Want to submit your own question to be featured on Ask Steph? Submit it via the contact form, and use the subject line “Ask Steph!”) Adam C. writes: Steph, I’m wondering if you can help me figure out if I need to eat a post-workout meal? I usually train 3 times a read more…

    Gelatin: Not for Post-Workout Recovery

    Gelatin is not a good protein choice for post-workout recovery. Now, let me note, gelatin is great for some things (click here to read), but I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately: bloggers recommending gelatin as the sole source of post-workout protein. This is not only misguided, it’s just straight up read more…

    Is Whey Protein Paleo?

    Is whey protein Paleo? “No whey. Whey.” Gets confusing after a while. Kinda reminds me of these guys. (I’ve just dated myself.) Perhaps one of the most common questions I get from athletes is whether or not they can use whey protein if they’re Paleo. It’s used by so many read more…

    The Whole Athlete Seminar: Where Health Meets Performance

    BIg news coming your way…I’ll be hitting the road in early 2014 with Dallas Hartwig of Whole9 to present a new seminar: The Whole Athlete: Where Health Meets Performance. We’re super passionate about helping competitive athletes and weekend warriors alike to perform at their best while staying healthy and enjoying read more…

    30 Paleo Post-Workout Carb Refuel Recipes

    If you’re a Paleo athlete, you need to replace carbs post-workout for good performance in the long run. And no, I’m not talking about a tray of coconut honey-caramel chocolate-drizzled Paleo pizookies after each workout. If you’re already well-versed in carbology (I made that word up), feel free to skip read more…