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    Plantain Protein Pancakes Recipe

    Plantain Protein Pancakes are a great way to get some more good carbs into your post-workout recovery window. I created this recipe specifically for Breaking Muscle, so head on over there to check out the ingredients and the directions! (For 10% off my favorite brand of protein, Stronger Faster Healthier, read more…

    30 Paleo Post-Workout Carb Refuel Recipes

    If you’re a Paleo athlete, you need to replace carbs post-workout for good performance in the long run. And no, I’m not talking about a tray of coconut honey-caramel chocolate-drizzled Paleo pizookies after each workout. If you’re already well-versed in carbology (I made that word up), feel free to skip read more…

    Pre- and Post-Workout Fueling Summary for Athletes

    More on this to come soon, but here is a simple diagram to help you remember general fueling recommendations for pre- and post-workout nutrition. In short, for a pre-workout meal, stick to protein and fat while the post-workout window – ideally within 15-30 min of finishing your training – should read more…

    Apple Cranberry Sweet Potato Bake Recipe

    Apple Cranberry Sweet Potato Bake is one of my favorite fall-inspired side dishes. Nothing says autumn like sweet potatoes and apples. They’re two quintessential favorites of the season, and both are incredibly versatile. I decided to chop both and bake them in the oven together to let the flavors marry, read more…