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    Bonus Fitness & Nutrition Guide

    “Am I doing this right?” It’s a common question I hear from Paleo people all the time! To go along with my upcoming cookbook—the one that comes out in just a bit over 8 weeks!—I created a companion bonus ebook called The Performance Paleo Cookbook Fitness & Nutrition Guide to help you read more…

    The Problem with Macros

    When it comes to the quest for healthier eating, there are two ways to approach things: quality and quantity, and what’s become abundantly clear to me in this Paleo world is that we have a problem with macros. And blocks. And points. And whatever other made-up-system is used to count read more…

    Whole30 Wrap “Party”

     You finished! It’s a Whole30 Wrap Party! High five…fist bump…handshake. Whatever congratulatory gesture you can think of, I’m going to dole it out because YOU FINISHED YOUR WHOLE30! (Either that or you’re about to finish soon, so revisit this post when you’re through.) No doubt, you learned something about yourself read more…

    Paleo On A Budget: Myths, Truths and Practical Advice

    Paleo on a budget is possible! There was a day in the not-so-distant past when it was nearly impossible to find grass-fed meat at supermarket and the selection of organic produce was quite small. My, how things have changed, but with the increased access to higher-quality food (a good thing) has come read more…