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    Crunchy Kale Salad Recipe

    This Crunchy Kale Salad recipe is a great way pack more veggies into your day! Vegetables are nutrient-dense and incredibly diverse in flavor and texture. I try to eat a balance between raw and cooked veggies every day for variety – raw veggies require almost no prep! Want healthy meals read more…

    Green Juice

    Seems like juicing is the new make-your-own-kraut craze in the Paleosphere, huh? While I don’t think juice should replace how you consume all your fruits and vegetables [juices contain no fiber and the act of chewing sends powerful signals to your brain that eating is in progress…logical, right?], as a read more…

    Blueberry Kale Omelette

    I know what you’re probably thinking: “Really, Steph…blueberries and eggs?! Weird.” Just trust me on this one. The idea of combining fruit with eggs was actually inspired by my longtime pal Allison who has been doing that for quite some time. I finally decided to bite the bullet and make my read more…

    Easy Paleo Meals 010: Sunshine Salad

    Note: The Easy Paleo Meals series is here to give you inspiration for quick meal combinations. To make this salad, combine: Kale leaves Cucumber Carrot Strawberries Blueberries Pepitas Lemon juice Olive oil Avocado Add your protein of choice for a complete meal.

    Shrimp and Greens

    The idea for this recipe came from the back of a Trader Joe’s bag of mixed cooking greens…I modified it by cutting back on the amount of olives called for as well as the addition of the shrimp and sun dried tomatoes. This meal has everything I like: it’s fast, read more…